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About Us

The Midwest Warriors Team 3300 are a  FIRST Robotics team at Ortonville High school in Ortonville, Minnesota. The team was founded in the fall of 2010. Our team  welcomes anyone in High School grades 7-12. If you like Engineering, Building, or Technology, then this is the team for  you. The following paragraphs are just a number of  things you can do in Robotics. While you read, there are 5 hidden  secret trojans on this page. See if you can find them all! If you can, then contact us!

Build Team

If you like building and are up to challenges, the Build Team is the job for you. On build team, you  build the robot. But its  really not that simple. As a part of the build team, you get first dibbs to drive the robot at competition. 

Drive Team

The robot doesn't drive itself, (for most of the match anyway) so we need people to control the robot. That is where the drive team comes in. They are responsible for controlling the robot and strategizing with other teams.  Its a high pressure job but its the most fun. Its on a videogame controller so its just like playing games.


Safety is always a must, especially  at robotics. The safety captain, or captains are in charge of safety for the team. If someone cuts themselves, they know what to do.  You even get to yell at people as the safety captain. ( In a friendly way of course ;) )


The robot can't do things without a program. One of the most important jobs on the team is being a programmer. The programmer is responsible for all the code that the robot needs in order for it to run. If you like coding and computers, this is the job for you. The programmer also gets first dibbs for drive team.


The media job is an extremely important job for the team. The media people are in charge of team promotion, which includes T-shirt and button designs, and if your real fancy, website design. They are also in charge of getting sponsors for the team. If we didn't have people getting sponsors, then we would have no funding. In practice, Media people are responsible for answering any questions that team members may have that would be on the internet.

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